Films, Performances, and Installations

Gina’s Vimeo Channel

A work-in-progress version of a live toy theater/animation hybrid project developed during my residency at Automata LA in March 2021.

Full video of my residency talk available here.

Exhibit and screening documentation available here.

Reconstruction of a live 35mm slideshow, first presented in November 2015 at Automata in Los Angeles. Music performed by Beaux Mingus and Cosmo Segurson. Sound editing by Beaux Mingus and Gina Napolitan.

The Early Museum

Gallery installation of 60 color slide photographs and found object displays at Automata.

Unhistoric Acts

A dual-projection 35mm slideshow installed for Automata’s Imaginary Real group exhibit, curated by Laurie O’Brien of Peephole Cinema.

Monitor footage viewable here.